Do you want to get your songs finished, sound the best they possibly can and then release them with confidence that they will sound great everywhere ? We can help ……


Ballagroove Recording Studio has been running full time since 2012, we have worked with hundreds of artists from the island and further afield. 

“A truly lovely experience and I will be hopefully coming back for many years”

“Superb and VERY highly recommended”

“Incredible patience and professionalism”


Come to the studio and we can work together on the arrangement and orchestration of your songs so that they are fully prepared for recording.


Your music will be recorded in a comfortable and relaxed environment, ensuring the highest quality recordings and the best possible performances. 


Your songs will be mixed professionally so they sound the best they possibly can, ready to be released confidently on streaming services and radio.


We will put together a plan for releasing your music ensuring that it has the best chance of success.


Affordable packages available for your project however big or small, contact us to have a chat and arrange a visit to the studio.

Vouchers available for a present for your musical friend or family member.

We charge a fixed hourly rate. This includes hire of the studio, use of all the equipment and the in-house engineer’s skills & expertise. It’s the same rate for everybody and all types of work – we think this is the fairest way.

Please contact us to get a free detailed estimate for your project. We look forward to working with you!


“Aside from this simply being a great song, I believe the production of it all is what really sucked me in. This track sounds freakin’ EXCITING!!! It flew out of my monitors and put itself directly IN MY FACE! It felt like the band had set up across from me in my living room and were tearing the walls down.”
Billy Christ, Musician & Producer based in Topeka, United States

“Recording at Ballagroove was really special. Every day that was spent recording this album was a positive and fun, creative day. We genuinely didn’t have a single bad day…. some songs were more trying than others to get right, but the entire process was pretty awesome.”

Matt Creer, Musician

“I’ve worked on a couple of projects at Ballagroove. It’s a highly functional space, well equipped with everything you need to make a whole range of recordings, including multi tracking a live band. It has a great atmosphere in an easy to get to location, and Gyp is one of the easiest and helpful guys to work with.”

Joshua Rumble, Engineer & Producer based in London

“It is a great working environment and Gyp has struck a perfect balance between feeling comfortable and at ease, whilst also maintaining high working standards.”

Danny Foulis, The Tides

“I have used Ballagroove for various music projects and I would recommend Gyp to any bands or solo artists. If you want your music to be taken seriously by radio stations, festival organisers, agents and publishing companies on and off the Island, then it is essential that you have a professionally recorded and well produced product. Ballagroove is the only place in the Isle of Man that can offer this service.”

Malcolm Stitt, Session Musician

Working with a producer like Gyp was fantastic, he is patient, positive, conscientious, good fun, and he really knows what he is doing. I’ve been in many recording studios, and this studio has everything you need, and Gyp creates a nice calm relaxing atmosphere, which I believe is essential for creativity and awesomeness to flourish. I Would have no hesitation in recording there again, or recommending it to others.

Ian Thompson

“I immediately felt right at home at Ballagroove studios. Gyp is super welcoming, laid back and really helps you get into a comfortable, confident mindset for recording. He’s incredibly efficient, has a great ear, bucket-loads of technical knowledge and came up with loads of creative suggestions for the song we worked on together. I’ll definitely be working with him again.”

Sam Porter, Musican

“It was important to us that he understood the Lo-Fi Garagey sound we were looking for and that the recording process would be a stress free and fun experience because that was what the whole point of the band in the first place. Naturally with Gyp both these goals were achieved and in what was basically a live recording, we never even scratched the surface of his recording abilities but he knew that’s how we wanted it and he totally went along with us.”

Grant Fisher, The Trash 5

“He is very respectful of the session players input and opinion, and gave me free reign to create the parts for the song. With the writers input, we then modified my ideas into alignment with the sound he was looking for. With Gyps great ears and experience, he is able to shape what the writer is hearing which is a rare talent”

Lindsay Rowe, Session Musician, Isle of Man
Studio Panorama